Reply To: Gout Foodie Questions

Keith Taylor

Hi Donald.milotte and Richielyons76

Alcohol is part of gout diet. Gout diet is part of gout treatment. There’s no point in discussing gout treatment without relevant information about uric acid levels, and plans to contain them.

Anyway, your question summaries are:

Is there any beer safe for gout


Is there any alcohol which is not as bad as the others

I put the 2 specific questions into the gout search engine. That’s the box labeled ‘Google Custom Search’ that sits top-right of every GoutPal page. At the top of the results is the same result for both questions:
What Is The Best Alcoholic Beverage To Drink With Gout?

I suggest you read that. Then, start a new topic about alcohol, uric acid, and your gout. Include information about the part that alcohol plays in your diet. Include information about your uric acid, and what you are doing to control it.

Since writing that article about alcohol and gout, I’ve refined the personal gout management plan that I mentioned. Now, I call gout management plans Structured Gout Help. If you want structured gout help, you must first start a GoutPal Gout Diary.