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I found Tony’s experience interesting. I have suffered from gout intermittantly for about 10 years. My doctor gave me colchicine for it. I consider it a wonder drug. 4 to 3 little pills over 2-3 days, and it disappears. My latest bout came after purchasing a pomegranate, and bringing it home. We extracted all the seeds, and from time to time, I would pop some in my mouth, extract the juice, and put the seeds in the trash. After several days, my gout made itself known. I just took the last of my colchicine, and it seems to have gone away, for now. I practice martial arts, at the age of 62, and my feet always hurt after a long class, but, with the gout, it’s difficult to just walk. The kata and kumite are out of the question. I guess I’ll get some fresh cherry juice, and make a clinic appt to get my colchicine renewed. Still wondering if the pomegranate caused it. Don’t think I’ll experiment with it, way too much pain. I don’t like hobbling around like an old man, even if I do look like one…….