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Len Salem

I’ve been asked to provide a bit more information to help with answers to my question about whether gout sufferers are safe with non-alcoholic beer.

I had my first gout attacks in my toe area about 3 years ago. I was 74 years old then. After these started recurring my doctor put me on allopurinol tablets, having tested what was the right strength for me. This stopped the gout but after a year I developed terrible skin blisters. On the advice of a qualified medical skin consultant I stopped the allopurinol but it took about a year for the blisters to completely disappear as my skin had become very sensitive.

I had one gout attack in the last year and now take no anti-gout medication.

The best advice for me for avoiding gout attacks seemed to be to loose weight so I started a different style of eating (lots of vegetables, fewer carbohydrates) about 5 months ago and went from 17 stone to a little under 15.5 stone and am continuing to loose at a steady rate of about 1lb a week. I’m about 5’10”.
Prior to gout, I used to drink 3 or 4 glasses of wine a week, and sometimes a couple of bottles of beer, instead but have now stopped that.

I recently started the occasional glass of non-alcoholic beer. No ill effects so far but I am nervous. I can’t stand sweet drinks like colas etc and would look forward to 2 or 3 bottles of non-alcoholic beer a week, especially in hot weather! I wouldn’t mind a glass of wine now and again either, but these would be the alcoholic sort as I find non-alcoholic wines unpalatable.

Am I significantly increasing the risk of another gout attack or is this non-alcoholic beer intake likely to be safe? And what about the odd glass of wine?

Thanks for any advice.