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Keith Taylor

Pamela, you’ve touched my heart with “for ordinary people in Egypt visiting the doctor is not the casual pop-into-the-surgery’ occasion the way it is in UK and much of USA.” And, your subsequent paragraph.

I spend too much time thinking about how I can help others. But, not enough time actually doing it. I will think long and hard about practical ways I can help people who are not lucky enough to have access to UK NHS brilliance. If you can suggest anything, please do.

I’ll be back later to offer better advice about managing gout without lots of medical resources. In the meantime, there are some basic issues:

1. Why does he think it is gout? I’m looking for anything that gives me more information about his medical condition. The more facts I have, the more I can offer relevant help.

2. For diet, I always start from a healthy foundation. Experience tells me that traditional eating styles are healthiest. Can you teach me about Egyptian eating? [*] I can probably suggest ways to plan Egyptian meals that are better for gout. But, at the moment, I don’t have a starting point. Does turmeric play a part in Egyptian recipes? It’ll do far more good than Devils Claw for inflammation.

[*] I don’t mean the Westernized recipes I’ll get if I Google Egyptian food. I mean the real stuff that people eat every day. What does you your guy eat each day? What do you change in your diet, Pamela, between UK and Egypt?

Drown me in facts, and I’ll find some better ways to deal with Egyptian Gout.