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Keith Taylor

Hey, Philip, thanks for that.

I keep running GoutPal, because lots of gout sufferers still don’t get the help they need. For lots of reasons, they lose faith with their doctor’s advice. That can soon spark a descent to poor gout management choices. Often, from poor quality information on the Internet.

I totally agree with your encouragement for sticking with prescribed gout treatment until it has had time to do it’s job. As well as your sensible warning about avoiding further gout attacks, I’d like to add:

  1. Those gout attacks will become more intense, more widespread, and last longer, until uric acid is made safe.
  2. Uric acid crystals lead to weakened joints and permanent joints.
  3. Uric acid deposits eventually spread to organs. This risks damage to skin, kidneys, heart. And, all other organs, except the brain.

I hope gout sufferers will avoid becoming victims, and find a treatment that makes their uric acid safe. I’m delighted that you are encouraging them, Philip.