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Gary Noyes

Gout free for 21 years then took some cocoa and now full of gout

I had gout real bad in 94 it was in all of my joints and my kidneys as I couldn’t take the gout medicines, I then found that baking soda would work so I started taking 1/2 TSP 3X daily and my uric acid went down from 11.0 to 5.5-5.9 it stayed this way for 21 years, and I never had any more gout flair ups, two months ago I started eating 1/2 TSP of cocoa powder once a day, for my heart, last week my right knee flared up with gout and swelled up so bad I couldn’t bend it, after 6 days it went down and I walked for one day and it flared up again with the pain in a different area, This lasted 3 days, and in the tail end of that I got several more sticks of pain around the knee cap and it is now so swollen I cant even bend it over one inch in either direction, I looked on the web about cocoa and gout and it appears that cocoa has been studied and found to prevent uric acid crystals from forming. It states that THEOBROMINE which is found in cocoa powder inhibits uric Acid crystallization. My question is, do I have uric acid crystals in my tissues around the joints that have been there for 21 years and never dissolved out and now the cocoa is dissolving them out?. My uric acid has been 5.5 the highest 6.1 for the past 21 years Can any one tell me if the cocoa dissolves the crystals as well as keeps them from forming?. NOT only that taking the cocoa powder has lowered my triglycerides from 180 to 60 MG I take simvastatin and at 80MG could never get them below 150 with I stopped eating sugar all together for 3 months, now I am on 20MG of simvastatin and my triglycerides are at 60. The cocoa powder must also have blood sugar lowering properties also, (is there a Doctor in the house that can answer these questions for me?.) The pain is terrible but if this is taking the rest of my gout out I will tolerate it tell it’s gone as the cocoa powder seems to have many health benefits