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Keith Taylor

“Also any idea what % of people get attacks when starting allopurinol and how long until they start after starting allopurinol?”

That’s not possible to answer, and even if it were, it doesn’t really help in gout management. It’s a bit like a learner driver asking what percentage of new drivers have a crash, and how soon after they pass their test.

In gout, to avoid the “crash”, be prepared with a 100% effective personal gout pain therapy. Then, you’ll never have a “gout crash” during early allopurinol treatment. And, once allopurinol gets your uric acid down to a safe level, you’ll never have another gout attack.

Boomer, don’t “assume that I’ll end up on 300Mg to bring SUA to the desired level”
A) It might be 300mg daily, or it might be a different dose.
B) Effective uric acid control does not depend on desires. It depends on a target that is safe. That’s below 5mg/dL for most people. But, personal circumstances can dictate a higher or lower target.

Also, if you’re thinking of stopping allopurinol because you think it’s causing too many gout attacks, watch Allopurinol for Gout video.