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Oh brother Chris, do I feel for ya man. I was there also. Pay attention to the advice given on this site and the remedies. They work.

If you haven’t already, go get your Uric Acid checked. Like immediately. The sooner you know where you are at your levels, the sooner you can get working on lowering it. If you have had Gout diagnosed, are you taking medication?

Keith has some great plans on the right side menus. Visit “Personal Gout Diaries” or “Structured Gout Help”. The can be very helpful.

Like you, when I started to feel a gout attack coming on, I never assumed it was going to be either mild or severe, I treated it as a Gout Attack, period. I would hit it hard immediately with a 6 day Methylprednisone pack (I keep a prescription handy from my Rheumotologist) and 0.6MG of Colchicine twice a day. This should really cut the pain down to near zero pretty quick.

But Chris, the attacks will keep coming and they will become more frequent and more severe if you don’t get your Uric Acid under control immediately. It starts with medication and a few lifestyle changes. Once you get the Uric Acid under control, you can tweak the lifestyle changes a little. But remember, it won’t happen overnight brother. Good luck buddy, all of us can relate to what you’re going through.