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Great info guys. The thing is that all bodies cope with things differently. Kind of like Keith’s example of “normal”. Everybody has a differnet machine. My body may cope with issues differently than Keith’s or Andre’s.

Example: If you have European ancestory, you may have a precursor to high cholesterol. Germans and Dutch specifically. Your Cholesterol, through ancestry and DNA, may be high per the FDA (above 200) but you are a normal, healthy person. For me, 200 may be a giant Red Flag, and my doctor may want my to go on Lipitor or some other Cholesterol reducing drug.

I think this is the same for Gout and Uric Acid. If you have a family history of Gout, or are predisposed to it, than a Uric Acid reading of….lets say 6.0 is going to raise a Red Flag. But if you don’t have a family history or any prediposed history of Gout, than you may walk around the planet with a Uric Acid of 6.0 with no symptoms or flare ups.

The word “safe” or “normal” are misnomers. It’s a guideline and that’s it. Try and get your Uric Acid below 5.0 and the chances of having Gout attacks are lower than they would be if your Uric Acid is 8.0. That’s the reality. There is no such thing as “safe” or “normal”.

Again, just my opinion.