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Keith Taylor

Patrick is absolutely right. It’s really a question of interpreting the language.

This is especially true with tests like liver function and kidney function tests. A good doctor looks at what is usual for the patient, and reacts accordingly. If there is only one test result, it’s hard to know what is “normal” for that patient.

I emphasize safe uric acid levels. But, when I said “assess your safe uric acid level” I didn’t emphasize the personal nature of that assessment. For most people, prolonged periods of uric acid under 5mg/dL is safe. By prolonged periods, I mean every year. But, for people exposed to very low temperatures, that safe assessment might need to be revised downwards.

Rule 1. Gout Treatment must be Personal.
Rule 2. Don’t let language get in the way of acceptable medical management.

I think a snappier version of Rule 2 might be “Never Accept Normal”. Because, it is perfectly normal to be ill medically. Though, it is abnormal personally.

But, all I’m really doing is re-wording Patrick’s closing paragraph. His opinion is very sound advice. “Try and get your Uric Acid below 5.0 and the chances of having Gout attacks are lower than they would be if your Uric Acid is 8.0. That’s the reality.” It’s the foundation of any sound gout treatment plan. So, ignoring that advice makes you a Gout Victim. To avoid being a Gout Victim, you should know what is your personal safe uric acid target. Then, you should monitor whichever uric acid control therapy you choose to ensure it stays safe.

Patrick mentions lowering your chances of a gout attack. Every gout sufferer can lower those chances of attack to zero. I’m here to help. But, I can only do that effectively when I know about you as an individual.

So, let me bring this back to the original questions “Is it possible to get attack when the uric acid level is normal? Is it possible to get gout attack in third finger joint.”

Both those are possible. Your doctor should be able to explain that. And, explain how to avoid both possibilities. If your doctor can’t explain, then Patrick or I can. I hope 2017 encourages other recovered/recovering gout sufferers to share their personal experiences.

Happy New Year, everyone.