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Colchicine and Allopurinol

I have been on allopurinol 300 for a year now, started in January 2016 and have had three blood tests and all indicate my Uric acid is below 5.0. The last reading in December was 4,2. During this year I had a gout flare in June and the doctor said it was due to my body clearing the crystals because of the now low Uric acid and to avoid a new attack he gave me colchicine 0,5 to be taken as a prophylactic for 6 months. I did fine and by December my level was 4,3 and finished using colchicine. It is now January 2017 and yesterday I had a gout attack (as usual on the right toe) and I am taking now Indomethacine and hope to control this attack.
My questions are:
– is it possible that after 1 year on allopurinol 300 and readings below 5 I am still clearing crystals and can still get an attack? How long does this process take?
– should I go back taking colchicine as prophylaxis? I am afraid I could get another attack.
BTW: I am 61, normal weight and walk 5 miles every day and eat sensibly.

Any ideas? God bless.