Reply To: Gout Seeker Archive

Keith Taylor

“I am struggling to find my way around the website which, whilst informative, has left me decidedly confused as it contradicts what a lot of other sites says.”

I started GoutPal as a personal project to understand my own gout. I encountered a lot of lies, half-truths, and ignorance. So, I used GoutPal to record my research. Thus, I learned the truth about gout management:
1. You can only control gout through making uric acid safe. Medical science gives pointers to safe levels. But, ultimately, each gout sufferer must have their own personal target.

2. Gout pain starts years after uric acid began to form crystals. It takes many months to reverse the buildup of uric acid crystals. (There are rare exceptions where that period can be reduced to as little as 6 weeks, but I shall ignore that as it does not seem to apply to Malcolm). I usually refer to that time as the debulking period, or reducing the uric acid burden. During the debulking period, gout sufferers need effective personal gout pain control.

Most websites ignore those basic gout management facts. Also, many doctors stay with out-dated custom and practice. From that mess, we read reams of misinformation about gout. People start to believe that gout is an eating disorder. They start to believe there is some type of “accurate and detailed list of foods as I need to loose weight, lower my blood pressure and my uric acid levels”.

Life does not work that way.

Diet can play a part in an individual’s gout treatment plan. For a small number of obese gout patients, it might be the only therapy necessary. But, for most gout sufferers, diet plays a supporting role.

Malcolm, you’ve found GoutPal during a period of transition. I no longer need GoutPal as a personal project to understand my gout. I now understand gout better than most frontline doctors. So, my aim is to turn GoutPal into a resource for all gout sufferers. I estimate that will take me 5 years to complete. It’s up to you how you use my gout support services:

A) Anonymous gout help. Read GoutPal facts, and discuss them with your doctor, or other health mentor. You’re one in a million that’s stepped beyond that, Malcolm. I’m extremely grateful that you’ve taken the next step.

B) Casual gout help. Ask questions, or share experiences and opinions about your gout. That’s exactly what you have done here. For my part, so I can make advice as relevant as possible, I think about Gout Groups. The groups are just my way of providing a logical structure that leads to understanding, and resolving gout. I’ve found that this helps save time. For example, there is no point discussing allopurinol, if you have decided that herbal medicine is right for you. In your case, Malcolm, you might want to be a Gout Dieter. But that involves learning to eat healthily. And it needs you to understand that yesterday’s lambs liver has little to do with today’s gout. It has more to do with what you ate last year, and before.

C) Structured gout help. Ultimately, every gout sufferer needs personal gout therapies. Therapies for uric acid control, and gout pain control, that reflect individual needs, and changing circumstances. So, the Gout Groups I mentioned are just a starting point to help you develop your own personal gout management plans. You can do that yourself, or with your doctor. Or, I can take the role of gout mentor. For me to do that, I have to learn about you, while you learn about your gout. It requires a lot of commitment on both our parts. (That’s time commitment, not money. I don’t charge, but you do have to commit to frequent posting).

The best way to control gout, is one step at a time. It might seem tedious, when all you want is a quick fix. Certainly, I can give you my quick gout fix. I guarantee it will make 2018, and the rest of your life, gout-free. But, is it right for you, Malcolm?

Anyway, I’m guessing you belong to the Gout Recce Group, for now. It’s up to you what you want to do next. Ask as many questions as you like. And, ask for clarification whenever my comments don’t make sense.