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Thanks again hopefully the higher dose of Uloric will work along with a few other remedies. Patience is the key and within a few months I hope I can post positive gout feedback. My anti i flamitory diet is a salad I make every night but not just any salad. I try to utilize as many anti oxidase foods as possible that taste good to me I also love the heat. I start with frying green yellow red baby peppers along with mushrooms celery jalapeños cilantro basil Brockley my protein can consist of either tuna salmon or chicken I’ll coat everything with Sarata and hot Szechuan sauce after few minutes I’ll pile on spinach. In separate bowl I’ll have plain salad. When everything is through cooking I’ll put everyrhing in the salad bowl. The sauces bring enough flavor but you can either add a little ranch or I will squeeze fresh lemon on top. Some people may think this is disgusting but I really like it and it is very flavorful.