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Keith Taylor

An interesting addition to the gout-gallbladder debate was published a year ago. “Сhronic cholecystitis and gout -an unfavorable tandem with dangerous consequenсes.” is an investigation into bone degeneration when gout sufferers also have inflammation of the gallbladder (cholecystitis).

Unfortunately, the published gout research is a translation from Ukrainian. However, I think the meaning is clear:

Due to common pathogenic mechanisms of both diseases, one of the dangerous consequences of such a tandem can be osteodeficit. Both the chronic
diseases of the gallbladder and gout arthritis significantly associated with
osteoporosis. The negative impact of osteoporosis on quality and duration of
life, significant economic costs of treatment and social adaptation of patients make this problem as topical for doctors of any specialties.

Don’t ignore gallbladder or gout problems. Both can lead to significant bone loss, if not treated early enough.