Reply To: Gout Seeker Archive

Malcolm Williams

You hit the nail on the head Geoff. White Coat Syndrome in spades. Testing myself all week, it was settling nicely, (I have my own bpm), it went through the roof this morning whilst being tested in the surgery. They have suggested 24 hour monitoring but they cannot facilotate it before I go on a 2month vacation. I have been prescribed another 5 day course of prednisolone, (already taken 3 days at 30 mgs, 4 days at 40 mgs + indometacin 25 mgs x 2 prn at night.) already administered. Additionally prescribed paracetamol / codine pain killers to replace indometacin. My ankle is more badly swollen than since the attack started, but the pain has reduced significantly to the point that I can now weight bare if I’m careful.

In terms of treatment, given that I’ve been symptom free for 2 years, I’d be looking at diet and herbal remedies in the first instance, but Allupurinol has worked in the past so that’s a possible last resort. My next worry is that the GP never gave any advice re tapering off the prednisalone, perhaps 12 days is a short enough treatment period to make tapering unnecessary? Nervously I ask, how do I move to the appropriate group? Again, thanks for your input, hope I haven’t disturbed too much of your vacation.