Reply To: Getting started with Gout Control

Keith Taylor

I’ll reserve judgment on the 30 day fast, until I know more about it. Generally speaking, you are right on both those counts.

But, every 30 day diet I’ve seen suffers from one huge problem. When fasting, the body first breaks down lean tissue. That’s because it is easier to get energy from lean tissue than from fatty tissue. You will lose some fatty tissue, but that is much better as a consistent, slow weight loss over many months. And, if you revert to over-eating after the fast, you will add back mainly fatty tissue. The net effect is that you end up with a higher proportion of body fat.

Please don’t take this as a lecture. I’m terrible at weight control. But, the most effective way to lose weight is through gradual weight loss over many months. It’s more about longterm eating habits than shortterm weight change.

So it is with alkaline diets. They need to be a permanent fixture to add real value. An occasional month won’t make much difference. Also, you have to confirm alkaline diets with urine pH tests. I started that last year, and realized it’s harder than I thought.

I’m not trying to put you off, Johnson. Maybe we can help and encourage each other to adopt healthier diets over several months.