Reply To: Getting started with Gout Control


You are right — 30 days of healthy habits doesn’t make up for years of bad habits. That being said, there’s a few benefits I can think of for doing a cleanse.

1. It gives the body and digestive system a much needed rest from a toxic diet.
2. It instills discipline.
3. It tends to reset the appetite. At least for me… (The more I eat, the more I tend to get hungry and when I cut back, the body gets used to it.)
4. after nothing but juice, even simple solid foods like, say, a potato, will seem amazing 🙂

Anyway i’m about to go to bed, this was day 8 and i’ve lost about 8 pounds.
My elbow still is swollen though 🙁 Gotta keep using that compress, maybe ice it… what do you know about swollen elbows? I feel no pain but there’s fluid in the elbow sac.