Reply To: Got the UA kit, the results are in…


Hi Johnson!
For what little that’s worth (I’m no doctor or any kind of expert), I wouldn’t have been very surprised by a somewhat low reading. It’s useful to have objective data and to keep records over the long haul but I think it’s easy to over-interpret a single test or even trends that seem consistent over a month or two.
Looking at my results over a few years, I see a couple under 6 here and a couple over 8 there. These are tests performed at my GP’s practice. I can’t explain these changes whether it be in terms of diet, drugs, weight, weather or exercise and my rheumatologist tells me they aren’t significant. Regardless of test results, I certainly expected a flare up at any time and did my best to be prepared.

I hope I’m not intruding my commenting here by the way. Apologies if I mis-stepped.