Reply To: Got the UA kit, the results are in…


Thanks for the comments Keith and ‘nobody’.

Agree that there can be a lot of variance and its good
to plot over time. Very interesting that link you
posted where the guy had a UA spike after mountain
biking. That tells me that body chemistry can and
does change quickly. I am guessing those spikes from
mountain biking could be from lactic acid making the body
more acidic, or perhaps the body is involved in other
processes and less on processing the blood. It makes
me realize its all about keeping the body chemistry
in tip top shape as much of the time as possible, and
gives credence to the theory that keeping the body alkalized as
much as possible will help gout.

As far as the interaction, I welcome it.
The more the merrier.

Off topic discussions are fine. I doubt
it will get too crazy. If it does, I’ll
let you know.