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Keith Taylor

Hey, thanks again James. Your closing comments are very welcome indeed. In fact, all your posts are always welcome.

On point 3: yes, uric acid is produced from cell breakdown. So, when we eat animal flesh, we normally produce some uric acid. But, allopurinol will stop that process. For some reason that I don’t quite understand, allopurinol seems less effective when inhibiting uric acid production from cell breakdown from our own bodies. I only mention it as a general point. In practical terms, it means that allopurinol takers do not need to worry about special diet restrictions for gout. But, we should always remember that being overweight will increase uric acid production. That’s usually easily managed with increased allopurinol dose.

So, my main concern, personally, is: I don’t want to have gout under control, but suffer other health problems by being overweight. Or, other health problems from having too much animal flesh in my diet. The answer, for me is I do “enjoy most foods in moderation”. And, I don’t “count life by the minute and avoid[ing] all sorts.” I try to count life by the week, and adjust my grocery shopping to my healthy requirements. Nothing to do with gout really – just my EFSEP project to:
– Eat Food.
– Sufficient.
– Especially Plants.

I’m glad you are being advised that long term risks of allopurinol are not worth worrying about. I’ve never seen any research that raises concern. But, I’ve seen lots of horror from not taking allopurinol (or not finding another way to make uric acid safe).

I’m also glad that you’ve got the knack of spotting gout attacks early, and stopping them. Without a current blood test result, I can’t say if it’s uric acid crystal dissolving from your allopurinol dose increase. If you’re down to 300 or lower, it’s almost certainly uric acid crystals dissolving. If you’re still over 400, it’s almost certainly new uric acid crystals forming. Anything in between is a risk assessment that depends on secondary factors, such as weather, temperature, and inflammation factors in meals (very complicated).

Take care James. And, look forward to Gout Freedom in 2017! 😀