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Hi Keith,

Hope your well mate.

I’ve got a little question on point 3 that I’m hoping you may be able to help with. When you mention that uric acid is produced from animal flesh and cell breakdown but Allopurinol it is not as effective on cell breakdown and that in most cases not much uric acid is produced by food consumption then were does the efficiency / solution come from?

The reason I am asking is because most of my uric acid is produced as a result of cell breakdown (blood cells do not live as long in thalassemia as other people) so I am a little confused as to whenever or not Allopurinol will help much?

The other concern I had was about my recent (and ongoing) gout flare. With regards to the pain and inflammation this has significantly improved thankfully however since going on 200mg daily I haven’t had a recent blood test (it’s only been about 14 days on this new dose). Should I wait a little longer before having another blood test or is 2 weeks too little to see a change? I remember earlier on in the thread you mentioned that 400 ummo/l was the magic number with regards to the start of dissolving crystals but your most recent message states 300 ummo/l so I was a little worried that the gout is actually getting worse with new crystals forming rather then old ones dissolving giving me my most recent attack. (Baring in mind this attack was extremely less painful and sever)?

Weather and temperature, would it be advisable to wear socks whilst sleeping for gout sufferers, sleep cooler or warmer? I tend to like sleeping on the cooler side 🙁

Thanks again Keith, you are fantastic!