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Hi Patrick / Keith,

I wanted to start by saying you guys are absolutely fantastic.
This forum has answered nearly all my worries and woes about gout.

Just a quick update with regards to the situation:

Firstly its great news to hear that Allopurinol also helps with cell breakdown. I was a little worried that it had little to no impact. I’ve also today received a letter from my haematologist for my recent visit saying he is glad that I have started Allopurinol. Thanks Keith for that extra reassurance 🙂

Thanks for the info of the kidney and liver function test Patrick. I will be sure to highlight it to my rheumatologist next time I see him. He wants to see me again on the 31st May and have a blood test just before which is ridiculous if you ask me. Lets say those uric acid test results come back still a little high before I see him. Waiting from now until the 31st May only to increase just to increase the dose is just my rheumatologist being lazy and should have dealt with the problem sooner. I will be seeing my haematologist again soon and will ask him to measure my uric acid levels before so that if they are high I will email my rheumatologist directly asking him to increase the dose.

With regards to eating habits, I think i’m usually very healthy on that front.
I hardly ever drink sugared soda. I drink a lot of yogurt though, is that ok?

Meat is amongst the lowest on my list of foods, I eat that about once a week but I eat chicken breast almost daily (should I be concerned)?.

I do eat a lot of though is chilli in fresh form. I chop lots of chilis and put them into olive oil, garlic, ginger and lemon juice and eat them regularly. Are any of those ingredients to worry about?

I eat grapes daily before going to bed but so much information on the internet contradics and conflicts itself (especially guys trying to sell ebooks).
So I would like advice from you experts if grapes daily are ok?

Finally, I’m a little confused about crystallisation and its effects.
I mean, if crystals form and get caught in joints during lower temperatures which causes the painful inflammatory response yet having warm feet prevents this then why isn’t this published or made more clear at rheumatology appointments. What is even more confusing is the fact that advise during a gout attack is to put ice packs to ease the pain which doesn’t make sense as it drops temperatures further which may cause further crystallisations?

It should be a very common practise for a rheumatologist to advise accordingly.

Thanks Keith and Patrick! 🙂