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Great thoughts, Patrick. But how do you become a salad guy in the States?

Maybe it’s better on the West Coast. But, down South, the nearest thing to salad is ketchup on your fries! 😮

Dude, I’m a West Coast, southern California guy. Salad is a staple food here. Everybody eats it, that’s how we keep our beach bodies (sarcasm intended..) But we also have In and Out Burger here. I treat myself to that once in a great while.

DQ–to your question. Yogurt, fruits and vegetables, chilies, etc., from all I’ve read should be no issue. Some nuts and beans can be problematic (per SOME studies) but you have to take information you gather from the internet with a grain of salt. Most info is old, outdated and downright mythical.

Here is the cold hard fact. Get in full control of your Uric Acid, which includes getting and maintaining it as low as possible, and you SHOULD be able to lead a very normal life. That includes eating habits. But remember, as a Gout sufferer you are always in danger if you don’t make at least some wholesale changes. In no way am I saying you need to lead a “meat free, booze free, sugar free, vegan lifestyle” but everything in moderation. That’s the key, buddy.