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Keith Taylor

I’m not sure what you mean in your second paragraph, James.

With respect to sleep apnea, I believe it has different causes. Therefore, likely different solutions for different sufferers. I knew a man who required some sort of machine to help with overnight breathing. Burton has suggested that sleeping on ones back is a significant cause of sleep apnea. And, that proved to be the case for me.

Burton suggested sewing small plastic balls into his pyjama jacket to encourage himself to avoid sleeping on his back. As my “pyjama jacket” is my skin, I avoided that. But, I found that I could train myself to sleep on my side. In my case, sleep apnea had little to do with my gout. I guess it might have raised uric acid levels that were already too high. I’ll never know.

Also in my case, I never realized I had a problem until my daughter shrieked that I had stopped breathing when falling asleep watching TV.

On the whole, I think it’s something that is important to be aware of. That technical article explains the low level inflammation that is associated with sleep apnea. That’s not good for cardiovascular health. And, it might have a significant impact on gout.