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Keith Taylor

Thanks J Q, especially for:

I can tell you are very knowledgeable and appreciate your insight.

I have gathered a lot of facts during the war on my gout. So, now I’m trying to organize that knowledge better. And, make it more accessible to other gout patients. As for insight, I’m not sure, though I accept your compliment. Most of all, I’m thorough, and logical. My accounts and IT background taught me that. So, I asked my questions to get some essential detail. If the detail is wrong, the bigger picture is meaningless. Fundamentally, I guess, that’s why there’s so much crap written about gout.

Allopurinol Brand
Your clarification of the manufacturer name confirms they are a valid, respectable manufacturer of generic allopurinol. I think the brand switch is just coincidence.

Uric Acid Control
Your recent attack might be because your uric acid is still too high, and new crystals are forming. Or, it might be because your uric acid is OK, and old crystals are dissolving. Both situations cause gout flares. But, without uric acid test results, we cannot know.

I strongly recommend you get your doc to give you all the uric acid test result history he has. Then post it here. With that information, I can give you better insight into your gout. And, how to manage it better.

Gout Pain Treatment
Speaking of management, you’re not managing your gout pain very effectively. The usual gout strength dose for intense gout pain, under medical supervision, is 800 mg, 4 times per day. And, in extreme cases, that would be interspersed with max dose paracetamol. I can testify that, at least for me, that dose is effective enough to get mobile, and mostly pain-free. It’s important to manage gout pain effectively during the first few months of uric acid lowering.

I hope you don’t think I’m too flippant when I say: 1000mg ibuprofen is more of a tickle, than a gout pain treatment.