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With regards to Sleep Apnea, I’ve never had myself checked / diagnosed however to be honest I think a significant proportion of my sleep problems have only recently become an issue and are a result of “worry or stress” of a Gout flare possibility when waking up. (Ridiculous I know). 🙂

I’ve started using an iPhone App to monitor my sleep over the next month or so to better understand what could be the problem. Making small adjustments to see what can improve sleep. I can guarantee that being in the IT industry doesn’t help however 🙂


Hey fellas. Just got back from an awesome snowboarding trip up north and thought I’d check in. Sleep apnea and Gout….hmmmm.

First off James, if you are REALLY going to do a comprehensive sleep study (not an iPhone app) better be prepared to pay. They are very expensive. I’ve had guys at work do them and they are $4,500 to get them done. But the flip side to that is the guys I know, state they have never felt better in the morning. The machine is called a “CPAP” machine and it works wonders. I’ve never been dianosed with sleep apnea before, but I know a lot of guys that have. Yes, the facepiece is odd and cumbersome, but once you get used to it, it works amazing.

I suppose there could be some correaltion between sleep apnea and Gout. My first reaction would be to say it’s because most people (not all) who experience sleep apnea tend to be overweight. Again, most….not all. In my opinion, there would tend to be some connection there between sleep apnea and Gout just due to that fact alone. I’d have to read more about it.

Just wanted to let you know about the cost for the comprehensive sleep study. Yes its expensive, but it also could be a life saver. The connection between sleep apnea and hypertension, stroke and sudden respiratory arrest are valid. So if you look at it that way, it’s really a small price to pay.