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In the old forum, Utubelite wrote about Uric Acid Levels and Snoring:

It is amazing but looks like there is some link. I used to snore heavy before I have taken the UA lowering drug therapy. I was not able to sleep on my back( face up) as I would snore very heavy which would not let anyone else sleep, besides I will get up myself as I was not able to breathe properly.

Since I have started Allopurinol, my snoring has improved.

For last one week that I am on UA level of less than 4, the snoring has stopped altogether.

My wife told me that I do not snore any more. I also tried sleeping on my back and I was able to do so without any snoring.

I am surprised on it and do not know if it is due to UA levels dropping below 4.

At-least there is some positive side of it, not related to gout.

This was followed by references to sleep apnea. And, Keith chipped in with a quote from a Royal Society of Medicine article from PubMed about snoring:

Three of the 200 patients had considerably raised serum uric acid, and had marked relief of snoring with anti-gout treatment. I have assumed that this was due to lessening of mucosal oedema of the soft palate.