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Keith Taylor

Is it safe for him to take any indomethacin while on the probenecid?
I see no reason why not. But, the indomethacin dose for gout should be prescribed by your doctor. Maximum dose is usually required for gout pain. And, your doctor and pharmacist need to check it is compatible with all medications and supplements that your husband is taking.

Does he take the colchicine only during flares?
Colchicine is best taken as a preventative before flares start. Or, take it at the very first sign of a flare. Once the gout flare starts, colchicine doesn’t do anything to reduce the pain. It just stops inflammation getting worse, until nature, or anti-inflammatories do their work.

I read to drink baking soda water while on the probencid
You need to stop reading Baking Soda Gout Myths!

how much should he take of the baking soda?
None! Because Baking Soda for Gout is Dangerous.

Is probenecid safer or more dangerous than allopurinol?
Both are safe. Allopurinol has a genetic risk for some Han Chinese, Thai, and Korean gout sufferers. But, that can be screened for. One danger of probenecid is that it might not get uric acid low enough to be safe. You should be able to check that at his next blood test.

The real danger is excess uric acid. Gout pain in the joints is best seen as a warning sign. The warning is for a progression of effects of uric acid crystals. These get increasingly dangerous:

  1. Permanent joint damage.
  2. Visible tophi (lumps of uric acid crystals) that damage the skin.
  3. Tophi spread to all organs, except the brain. Kidney failure or heart failure are the usual causes of death from gout.

Maybe you husband should look at some of my tophi pictures. Who on earth wants to spend their later years suffering like that? And, that’s really the point that your husband has to understand. It’s very easy in your thirties and forties to shrug off gout with a painkiller or two. But gout always gets worse when uric acid is above 5mg/dL. The longterm effects that I listed get worse every day – even when there is no pain. So, at a time of life when he is less able to cope, your husband will have to fight much bigger and more painful problems.

I do understand how your husband feels. I put off going on allopurinol for far too long. Even when I started to understand the real longterm dangers. Eventually, when I couldn’t tell the difference between gout and a broken knee, I took the plunge. It’s really great knowing that I do not have to face a gout flare ever again.

With the right pain control package, there is no need to suffer during the time it takes to get rid of old crystals. I hope I can help your husband to take control of his gout properly. Before it’s too late.