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Carroll Lee

Uric acid crystal dispersment

i have had two distinct bouts in the last twelve yrs. am 65 yrs old, good health, probably eat too much pork, could do better on veggies and i drink around six light beers daily. went to my GP a week ago, had a blood test which was a 6.3. the inflamed joint is my big toe. he put me on the prednisone pack (1 week) and stated that if conditions improve to go another pred. round before starting allopurinol (300mg). upon completion of the first weeks tmt. (tapering off the pred. dosage as per instructions) pain/swelling have returned big time. have trouble sleeping because of triggers of SHARP pain the joint which lasts about one-two seconds all night for the last two nites. since the prednisone dosage has been decreasing could this renewed pain be an indication that the uric acid crystals are being expelled? it would seem that my white blood cell fighters have returned to my toe now that they are not being subdued by the prednisone. have been injesting 2 tbs acv/glass of cherry juice 2/ daily, no beer.