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Loads of drugs can raise your ALT, not just Uloric. Among gouty pills, NSAIDs in particular can make it go through the roof.
My median ALT reading over more than 20 years has been 104. Amusingly enough, my median reading before I developped joint problems was also 104 which goes to show lots of non-phramacological stuff such as booze can affect liver tests as well.
Such tests should be interepreted in context. So while my results might reassure you as to how high 70 really is, in your situation they may actually signal a problem. Ideally you’d compare your latest result to a baseline test done before starting UA-reducing drugs. If your doctor isn’t too worried about 70, consider trusting her judgement. She may ask for another liver panel before long if she doesn’t know whether 70 is within your normal range.
Good luck curing your arthritis!