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Leo Minegishi

Thanks for the input guys.

My “baseline” right before I started any treatment was an ALT of 40. My UA was 10 then too. My latest tests form last week, when I noticed my ALT was 70, showed my UA at 5.7. So my UA is coming down, I just hope not at the expense of my liver.

I saw my rheumatologist yesterday for my monthly check in (3rd visit) and she was happy with my UA levels but did comment about my ALT being higher than before. She said it wasn’t high enough for her to send me to get an ultrasound or any more liver tests, but we need to watch it. So my next visit is now 3 months out (she switched it to quarterly now) and my next blood test is then too. I kind of want to get another blood test before then, just to see what’s going on, I may ask her to order another round of tests in about 4-5 weeks.

I did ask her if either the gout attack I was having or the viral infection I was getting over (I had just gotten over a nasty respiratory infection that going around) could raise my ALT and she said “no”. So I don’t know if maybe she hasn’t dealt with a lot of gout patients (which I’m leaning more and more towards) or what.

But, she’s been quite accommodating to my requests so far and seems willing to work with me instead of just telling me to do it her way. So I like that part.

I was going to push to try Allopurinol again, but I’m leaving for a trip overseas for a week or so and would rather wait to change anything until I’m back on my home turf. Luckily (if you want to look at it that way), I’ve already hit my maximum deductible for my health insurance, so my Uloric prescription is pretty cheap (just the copay).