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Keith Taylor

It’s time to stop researching today. In conclusion, it’s very complicated because of the microbiology terminology. But, there has to be a simple explanation. I’m not sure how far my gate analogy will stretch:

Which means: Gout attacks are caused by uric acid crystals. Because they start the foundation of acute inflammation. However, to start the actual inflammation, they need someone to open the gate. FFAs can open the inflammation gate. In contrast, butyrate (and others) can keep the gate shut.

But I think my introduction to acetate tells me something new. If inflammation gets through the gate, there’s the big question of how quickly we can get rid of it. Naturally, our bodies will reduce inflammation, which I’ve learned is called efferocytosis. Apparently, scientists are researching a whole raft of products that can make lots of money by enhancing these natural processes. So, in “How factors involved in the resolution of crystal induced
inflammation target IL-1ß”, Oliviero states:

Considering the importance of IL-1 blocking agents in reducing acute attacks, firstly noted with regard to IL-1Ra anakinra, and then to the anti-IL-1β monoclonal antibody canakinumab, every molecule capable to reduce IL-1ß production could represent a potential therapeutic target and have a positive impact on the clinical practice.

So, drug companies have lots of potential for new products to block inflammation. Also, lots of new products for resolving inflammation quicker if it hasn’t been blocked. But, these are all based on better scientific understanding of how we naturally deal with inflammation. So, isn’t it easier just to eat right?