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Not quite sure how to add a post to my diary just yet so I’ll reply to it until I figure it out!

Until now been roaming GoutPal with little direction. This morning I’ll start my structured plan per the instructions.

My Gout Group: Arthritis sufferer
I have a gout diagnosis based on symptoms, a doctors visit confirming symptoms, and a blood test indicating a UA level of 7.7. I asked my doc about a referral to a rheumatologist for a synovial fluid test. She felt we could best manage the condition at the primary care level until attacks become more frequent and we need to move beyond pain management with Ibuprofen. I think this puts me in the arthritis sufferer group because I don’t have a conclusive diagnosis. My question for all is whether a wait and see approach is best. Should I see a specialist to a) get a firm diagnosis through a joint fluid test and b) find a specialist early on that I like before things heat up. Am I on the right track?

Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to add a new post to my diary I won’t have to keep replying to myself. 🙂 Thanks!