Reply To: Personal Gout Diary: LManion

Keith Taylor

Lance, I believe there is a complete breakdown of logic in some aspects of current recommended practice for gout management.

On the one hand, all the latest research warns of the dangers of long-term excess uric acid. Also, other gout research tells us of the benefits of prompt treatment. Yet, the recommendation to start uric acid lowering therapy is to wait for a second gout flare within a year.

I agree with you, Lance, that it is best to do something immediately. You quite clearly have gout. So, the question is do you accept you must lower uric acid?

To explain, I think your gout diagnosis is clear. But, your recommended treatment plan is not fully agreed with your doctor. So, in this sense, you are a rare case. Because there are many more gout sufferers who go down the gout diet route. When, really, they should be thinking about temporary uric acid lowering to prevent more damage until gout diet works. But, those are long term gout sufferers. So, I suggest we turn that on it’s head.

To clarify, I suggest you class yourself as Gout Dieter for now. Or , Gout Herbalist, if you prefer. Then, if we’re lucky, we might see enough improvement in your uric acid levels without starting medical therapies.

Finally, apologies again about my lack of direction in these services. I got it wrong. I thought I could create documentation based on real gout diaries. But, it seems I have to formalize and encourage to get more committed member examples. I guess it’s very hard to see any immediate benefit of creating daily/weekly records. I need to work on helping gout sufferers see the advantages. So, if anyone has ideas on improving commitment to gout diaries, please add your thoughts in GoutPal Suggestion Box.