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Keith Taylor

Before I start summarizing research, I found a couple of related studies that might offer some good practical advice. Of course, these are not specific FFA studies. But, the practical effects might end up by being explained by FFA research. Though, even if these are unrelated, they are both valuable to Gout Dieters.

1. Should the DASH Diet Be Recommended for Gout Patients?

Conclusion. For participants with SUA levels > 7, an average reduction in serum uric acid of 1.29 mg/dL can reasonably be expected from implementation of a DASH-type diet.

(side note: I need to update my existing DASH diet and gout article to reflect this study.)

2. Effects of Lowering Glycemic Index of Dietary Carbohydrate on Plasma Uric Acid Levels: The OmniCarb Randomized Clinical Trial.

Conclusion. Reducing the glycemic index lowers uric acid levels. Future studies should examine whether reducing the glycemic index can prevent gout onset or flares.

Interesting how this supports my notion that anyone who thinks gout control is all about purines has lost the plot.