Reply To: Personal Gout Diary: LManion


Thanks for the reply Keith, I’m encouraged by the report you found! I’m going to spend tomorrow reading up on the DASH diet! However, the more I educate myself on gout the less confident I am that a strict diet approach is wise at least until my UA levels are safe. Your piece on Allopurinol is very convincing,

“But if uric acid is still near 7 or higher, the gout patient is not safe. Uric acid crystals continue to grow slowly, often without gout pain. After several years, the burden becomes too big. Gout attacks happen every week, and tophi grow risking fatal complications.”

My question: Reducing UA levels through diet is measured in years rather than months. If true your recommendation of shorter term UA reduction through medication (and diet) to an acceptable level seems prudent. Can I then stop the meds and treat this through diet?

The consensus seems to be once on Allopurinol always on Allopurinol. I’ll admit that I’m in denial that I have something that requires daily meds for the rest of my life. On the other hand I don’t want to be naive about what lies ahead if I don’t treat this with the necessary urgency.

Keith, your site is amazing! Thank you for what you do!