Reply To: Personal Gout Diary: LManion

Keith Taylor

Thanks for your closing comment, Lance. In fact, thanks for all your comments. Because, I need gout sufferers like you, who bravely ask all the right questions, instead of lurking silently.

Following another new Gout Diary requester (Ian), I’ve continued to refine the rules. So, I hope that you have seen my update at
If you haven’t seen it, please consider subscribing to my updates by email service. Just click below on the button labeled ‘Subscribe to Gout Network Updates’

Now, I need to clarify the rules about asking questions.

If you ask questions in the normal gout forum (i.e. Click the green Ask Now button), I try to answer them. But, if you ask questions in this gout diary, I assume they are prompts to yourself. Because, it’s useful to jot down working questions before you are ready to ask publicly

I realize that is pedantic, but it has to work this way. I need to keep Gout Diaries for Personal Gout Facts. Then separately, the Main Gout Forum answers specific questions.

Once we get that process established, we can move on to Structured Gout Help projects. By which time, you might have several questions that will form the basis of a structured help project. Sorry it’s a bit messy. But, you’re a trailblazer, so you have to be patient, as well as daring.

To be clear, you should post that question about short term vs long term allopurinol use, if you want me to reply. Otherwise, I assume it’s your personal note to yourself as you gather more facts.