Reply To: Personal Gout Diary: LManion


I don’t know how the forum works and whether this will appear at the right place but in reply to #2924 (and other posts)…
I think you’re jumping to conclusions and, just in case, I want to make sure you aren’t doing it in part on my say-so. I wanted to warn you about one possible outcome but I don’t know why lowering UA through diet would necessarily need to take years.
It’s an (very common as far as I can tell) inability to lower UA enough through diet which might make improvements very slow. And I have no way to know how much of a UA reduction you could expect from a serious diet in your particular situation. I doubt anyone can make a good guess you without a lot more information and additional medical tests.
If you try a diet and get many more blood tests, it shouldn’t take years to get an idea of what a diet can or can’t do for you.
Then again, why not help the process with UA reducing drugs if there is no medical reason for you to avoid them and you have no fundamental objections to using them? If you really have gout and get on an effective diet, I would not count on your luck to avoid symptoms completely. In all likelyhood, UA reducing drugs would help you not just with the pain but also would reduce the need to take other drugs.
For what that’s worth, my rheuma is of the opinion that one shouldn’t be afraid of discontinuing UA reducing drugs… provided of course that there is a sound reason to do so and that one’s UA is going to be monitored afterwards.