Reply To: Personal Gout Diary: LManion


Treatment Plan
Goal: Sustained UA levels below 5.0mg/dl

1. Relentless curiosity of condition and ways to improve.
2. Diet Plan. Develop and stabilize diet and exercise plan (90 days)
3. Medication Plan. UA lowering meds to below 5.0 (3 months to a year)
4. Sustain UA <5.0 through diet only.

Diet Plan
1. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
2. Utilize nutrient tracker daily to measure progress.
3. Create data base of recipes for ease of use.
4. Measure UA progress through blood test 90 days from 1st flare Home base article. Mostly hype, but I like the Rocky Balboa/Eye of the Tiger approach. For some reason appealing.

Medication Plan
Titration, Debulking, Maintanance
1. Measure UA results through blood test 6/1/17
2. Start UA lowering medication if diet plan shows no measurable progress since 3/22/17 UA level.
3. Allopurinol daily to lower UA level, Ibuprofen or Colchicine at the onset of flares.
4. Start Allopurinol at 100mg/day for 1 week followed by blood test for liver/kidney function. Increase to 300mg/day per doctor recommendation.
5. Have colchicine on hand at all times. .6mg twice daily at first sign of flare up. Discontinue as soon as inflammation subsides.
6. When UA levels of <5mg/dl are reached, discontinue medication
7. Blood test 30 days after discontinuation of meds to measure UA
8. Quarterly then semi-annual blood tests if UA levels are sustained
9. Return to meds if sustainment not achieved.

Pain Plan
consult Keith. does meds plan cover the bases?