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If two eggs a week is all the animal food you eat, it may not be sufficient for you to look at your total protein intake. For all I know, you might need specific proteins from soy.
I also don’t understand how you could eat so little protein to begin with. Are you only counting supplements?
If you are practically vegan, surely you need soy, lentils, peas and such and shouldn’t restrict your consumption too much because you’re afraid of purines. It’s not even clear such foods are a major factor in determining how much uric acid there is in your blood.

Has your blood been tested for uric acid only twice? If you have more test results, please consider posting them as well (Keith might be able to make use of them). I’m no expert but 7 is not very high and “a pain of about 6 for 10 mins” doesn’t sound like typical gout symptoms to me.
Besides protein, eggs contain a type of fat your body may not be used to and the metabolism of fat seems to play a role in inflammation. Whether or not you have gout, I would not rush to blame your symptoms on protein. And if you have gout, you don’t need to stop eating eggs.

Finally, about the side effects of feburic: this may seem obvious but you could try taking the pill at a different time during the day.
There are also other drugs people use to lower their uric acid levels which may or may not be suitable for you.