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Thank you for your reply.

Regarding my protein intake, these days I am not even having protein intake of 2 eggs a week. When I said I was taking 24g of Protein per day, it was through supplements alone. I consume peanuts almost every day in some form and once or twice a week beans and peas as well. Those are my other protein sources. Right now they are the only sources for protein in my body. I also take soaked 4 almonds every alternate day. That could be another minor protein source. As per some links in google, soy protein does indeed risk for gout.. please check

[pubmed/21859653] Messina, Mark, Virginia L. Messina, and Pauline Chan. “Soyfoods, hyperuricemia and gout: a review of the epidemiologic and clinical data.” Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition 20, no. 3 (2011): 347-358. Soyfoods, High Uric Acid, and Gout PDF.

Anyway, I want to know how people meet their protein requirements through supplements when they can’t have meat. Is whey protein or Casein good for gout? I found a casein protein supplement and I have decided that I take 2 per day at least to meet min protein requirement.

I saw the doctor for my uric acid levels only 45 days back. So yes I only have 2 Uric acid tests done
Feb 20, 2017 the Uric Acid level was 7.0 mg/dl
After feburic 40 mg(febuxostat), April 1,2017 Uric Acid level was 4.0 mg/dl

I asked my doctor if I could take my feburic after dinner. But he insisted that it has to be taken after breakfast. Because of the horrible sleeplessness that I had, I wasn’t able to attend my office and requested my doctor to see if I can stop my medication to see my uric acid levels in a month. So my next test would be in the first week of May.

I stopped taking the feburic 40 mg tablet 4 days back, my sleep has improved. But I feel these light stabbing sensations underneath my nails in fingers and toes during the night and also sometimes during the day as well.

This may seem unusual but when I first started getting my symptoms I also noticed that when I tried removing mucous from my nose I smelled bad. When I was taking the feburic medicine it almost stopped but since the 4 days I quit that again I notice this bad smell when I am getting rid of mucous.

I limited my consumption of purine rich foods now and this should eliminate the source of uric acid to an extent I hope. One more point worth mentioning is that I have been suffering with bad knees from 4.5 years now and it might have adversely affected my metabolism. I am already having plenty of trouble running from one Ortho to another to diagnose what exactly the issue is and now I have to tackle this as well 🙁