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I’m not an expert but here goes…

When people start allopurinol, they are often given at least one other drugs to prevent or deal with symptoms such as pain in the oddest of joints. You din’t say what else you’re taking.
If you’re taking something else since January, it might account for side-effects such as digestive disturbances. If not, there are alternatives to allopurniol you might discuss with your doctors.
If on the other hand you have yet to try various drugs at various doses to deal with your symptoms, it might be worth discussing that with your doctors. How your symptoms react to the drugs might provide clues as to what’s causing them.

Unfortunately, while I guess it makes sense to address gout first, you may have other conditions as well as damage caused by untreated gout contributing to your troubles.
If you can’t bear your current situation, it might be worth ruling out other conditions or looking at different ways to alleviate your symptoms even at this early stage. It’s up to your doctors and your wallet really. Maybe they’ve already tested you for other conditions and so forth.

Finally, your allopurinol dose may be suboptimal and that may explain why your joint pains aren’t improving. Ideally, you should be doing regular blood tests and your dose ought to be adjusted based on the results.