Reply To: First Gout Attack


Hi John. Sorry to hear about the flare up. I’m of similar age and experienced my first flare up several weeks ago. Ibuprofen took the sting out of a three day attack for me, 600mg every 6 hours. After doctors visits and much research it seems like the first year is light on flare ups but not to be taken lightly. Too many unknowns to know whether I’m in the lucky minority that can call this a one-off. I’m treating my diagnosis like a warning shot across the bow. Not a matter of if but when. Not to mention worse health conditions down the road.

I started with a blood test to measure UA levels and committed to actively managing this on a daily basis. Wasn’t crazy about my primary care physicians approach (wait and see, manage the pain) so will be shopping around. I like Keith’s approach, treat to target and be gout free. Period.

I get a lot out of everyones posts so thanks for sharing!