Reply To: Personal Gout Diary: LManion


Week 6 update
Weight 213 (down 12lbs)
Diet: Six weeks per the approved gout food lists and vegetarian only. 1600 calories per day, 40-30-30 is my goal. Not as hard mentally as I imagined but eating a lot of the same things on a daily basis. In time expect to have a robust meal plan to choose from. As I read more into labels starting to see deficiencies (protein) and blow outs (iron!). Using ‘my fitness pal’ to track nutrients. I like it as it keeps me focused on whole foods I can track. Still learning but happy with progress. Reading “in defense of food” which is inspiring. No exercise regimen yet. Want to get my system used to the diet change-up before I stress it out in the gym.

Week 8 update
Weight: 210 (down 15lbs)
No flare ups. Roaming sensations from toes to tops of feet to hands have disappeared.
Next blood test: June 1
Diet: Made it through Easter unscathed, no deviations from my plan. Managed to find several breakfast cereals that have less than 10% iron. Eating 4-6 hardboiled eggs daily, limit to two yolks. Substituting tofu in anything that would normally be chicken. Two TB of Cherry extract daily. Not sure if it helps, but it’s the sweetest thing I’ll eat all day. Bonus! I am eating a few things off the naughty list: Mushrooms, cauliflower and I’d like to work spinach back into the diet. Water consumption still hit or miss to target. Structure 1 pint per hour awake. This helps me keep track but is overkill by most accounts.
Exercise: none yet.