Reply To: First Gout Attack



Sorry to hear the news, but welcome to the World of Gout. First off, as a 50 year old male getting his “first” gout attack, consider yourself lucky in that regard. but guess what, brother? Colchicine is NOT your answer. Certainly not your LONG term answer. You will find here on this site that the first question asked will be “what is your CURRENT Uric Acid at?” Meaning….get a blood test and find out where you are with your Uric Acid. I find it odd that your doctor gave you Colchicine sight unseen, for big toe pain. That’s a little odd, if he didn’t do any blood work.

Colchicine is a common anti-inflammatory prescribed for Gout. It doesn’t have any pain reducing principles, so any relief you are going to get from Colchicine may take a while as it isn’t really doing anything for your Gout cause, if indeed you really have Gout. You certainly have a symptom of what CAN be Gout.

Also, your “social weekend” most likely didn’t have much to do with you getting Gout. It may have pushed you over your Uric Acid threshhold, which in turn caused your Gout Flare, but it really had little to do with you getting Gout itself. Many of us, through the magic of genetics and DNA, inherited this condition. I beleive the percentages put it at around 75-85% of Gout sufferers inherit it.

The only TRUE way to determine if you have Gout is to get a blood test, first and foremost. ffind out where your Uric Acid is and if it is indeed high (over 6.o mgs/dL in the US) then discuss with your doctor potential remedies. But until you know for sure where you stand, you may be subjected to future Gout attacks, and believe me, they will get more painful and last longer as they progress.

This is by far the best site on the web for Gout information. There is a good group of people just like you who are experiencing the same things. Read, learn, and engage. Keep the group posted on your progress, John.