Reply To: First posting in Personal Gout Diary

Keith Taylor

Thank Steve,

a slow ramp up might be helpful to prevent gout attacks that can happen while people are starting to increase dosages

When you get chance, could you ask him for any research references on that. I agree with the ramp-up. But I want you to stay safe. I need to be convinced that increasing from 100 to 200mg allopurinol per day without liver function and kidney function tests is safe. Statistically, it’s very safe. But, I’d hate you to be one of the tiny minority that gets caught out. Maybe this tight-assed Brit needs a lesson in chilling from the Wild West!?!

That itching thing is weird, but I’m glad it’s getting less. I’m trying to resist making comments about affirming the itching isn’t serious with blood tests. [oops! I didn’t try very hard, did I?]

Finally, welcome to your gout diary. I hope to publish some helpful guidance soon. Anyway, it’s yours to do as you like.