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Hi guys, thank you both for such fantastic advice, just a few things I’d like your advice on;

@Patrick – tell me about it mate. It’s driving me insane. I’m just worried it’s the allopurinol causing this? I’ll definitely ask my doctor about Methylprednisone packs when I next see him. They sound helpful. Can a local GP do direct steroid injection? I’m based in the UK and the last attack I had she mentioned she can’t do a joint fluid test to confirm gout, Is it as difficult or tricky to perform? By the way Patrick, do you still get attacks whilst being on allopurinol?

– Thanks for your advice mate, I’m going to ask my gp for colchicine next week, I initially avoided it when it was offered to me at the start of my allopurinol treatment. Is it something I can use whilst in a attack or is it something I can only use when the feeling of an attack is coming? Also the blood form I have is only for urate levels so I don’t really want to use it if the results won’t be accurate? I mean is hit or miss with results or are tests generally completely wrong during an attack..? You also mention your attacks can last longer but are those long attacks you get part of the same chain of days or are they spread across weeks? My first and second attacks were over two weeks long! Lastly are you too taking allopurinol..?

Thanks guys.