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@Patrick – tell me about it mate. It’s driving me insane. I’m just worried it’s the allopurinol causing this? I’ll definitely ask my doctor about Methylprednisone packs when I next see him. They sound helpful. Can a local GP do direct steroid injection? I’m based in the UK and the last attack I had she mentioned she can’t do a joint fluid test to confirm gout, Is it as difficult or tricky to perform? By the way Patrick, do you still get attacks whilst being on allopurinol?


I’m not sure about a GP doing a steroid injection. I’ve always had my Rhuemotologist do it, or his assistant do it. It’s actually a Prednisone injection right into the area where the pain is. For instance, my trouble spot was my left ankle. If I couldn’t control the pain within a few hours, I’d head over to my Rheumotologist and he would give me the steroid injection and within an hour or two, the pain was gone completely. Now I’m sure you understand that this was just strictly for the pain, not the actual cause. You are already dealing with the cause, as you’ve stated.

I’ve been lucky. Since I’ve been on Allopurinol (over 18 months now), I’ve had one Gout Flare, last June. I felt it coming, immediately took Colchicine and 4 Methylprednisone tablets and within 2 hours, it was gone. I then continued the steroid pack the rest of the week, supplemented a few Naproxen in there for good measure, and haven’t had an episode since. Nor have I had any lingering pain. Occasionally, I DO get tingling in my big toe, but nothing like a major flare up, and usually I can kill that with 600-800 mgs of Naproxen.

I hope that helps, brother. No one should be living with this pain for as long as you have. Keep us posted.