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I think you have reason to hope that your attack will soon be over but yes, I’ve had symptoms lasting way too long. But after a while it becomes difficult to tell the ebb of such an attack from the symptoms that might only due to the damage it has caused, especially many years after the fact and without the help of notes. So I hope you’ll excuse me if I don’t give you a straightforward answer.

My experience hasn’t been that test results during an attack are all that strange compared to regular tests results. But then my test results have often varied quite a bit for no obvious reason.
For instance, between an test right at the onset of an attack and a followup test (less than 2 week afterwards), the reported value dropped by little more than 100 umol/l which is not much more than random drops I’ve seen over longer intervals (without the help of medication or major changes in weight or diet). I’ve also had a test done in the course of one of these long attacks actually coming back a good bit lower than a test done as I was recovering from it.
Again, the issue is: what would you do with a test result? If you’re going to compare it with the previous test to decide whether to discard it as an outlier or not, that’s not going to provide much new information and you might as well assume your UA is more or less the same as it was the last time you were tested.
I think the value of UA testing can easily be overrated and that most of the value lies in robust trends, not in single tests.

Finally, I am not taking allopurinol.
But you may nevertheless be interested to know that I’ve never had one of these single-joint unending attacks since I lowered my median UA test under 400 umol/l. You lowered your UA quite a bit more brutally than I did which is probably best in the long run but I guess increases your risk of experiencing a serious attack, at least if that brutal drop doesn’t also bring your UA well into the safe zone under 300.