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@nobody, interesting information there mate, thanks. I really do think this was all due to the increase in allopurinol. My UA levels were 388 just over a month ago when on 200mgs and literally 5 days after starting 300mgs the attack hit. I’m guessing the UA levels must have dropped pretty low after hitting 300mgs which probably caused the attack.

@Patrick, thanks man. I’ll check with my GP next week both about the injection and Colchine and see what they advise going forward whilst the allopurinol does its thing. With regards to naproxen do you take 500mgs twice a day when you get that feeling? And how long for? On another note, have you ever had an attack follow another attack in the same place prior to starting or just after starting Allopurionol..? Thanks pal.

Epsom Salts For Gout

On a general note, whilst dealing with this pain I decided to do some intense googling about relief techniques and came across using Epsom salt and dissolving it in warm water and placing your foot in for a foot soak. Now I know many people will say it may just be psychological or just coincidence but my foot really does feel much better. The inflammation also seems to have come down. Was it the salt or was it the warm water, who knows.. But there seems to be some link to Epsom salt and uric acid. Ultimately what matters is the end result and we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

, any advice on length and severity of an attack outside of using any pain relief or anti inflammatories and just allowing the body to deal with the inflammation alone (taking allopurinol only)? Thanks